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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - GMP, S Ranks, mission scores, bonuses, penalties

How to make more bonus GMP, gain more S Ranks, and manage the bonuses and penalties of The Phantom Pain's flexible mission score system.

For the vast majority of the missions in Metal Gear Solid 5, you'll receive a score rating which provides a rough overview of your overall performance. When you first attempt each mission, you'll probably score a bit on the low side, but repeat attempts should see you climbing the ranks quite quickly as you master each element of the job at hand

Here's the low-down on how to increase your bonus rewards for finishing up missions, crawl up the rankings slowly but surely, and bag those elusive S Ranks.

Getting more GMP in Metal Gear Solid 5

The rank you achieve in each mission not only gives you a badge of honour, it also effects the GMP reward you receive for completing it. Depending on how well you perform, you'll receive a bonus modifier as follows:


To give two examples at each end of the spectrum, if you achieve a score of 10,000 then you'll receive 4,500 bonus GMP, while getting exactly 130,000 points would bag you a bonus of 26,000 GMP instead.

Keep in mind that the first time you complete a mission you'll receive the full Mission Clear reward, which represents a fair chunk of the change you'll get for that initial successful attempt. Subsequent clears of the same mission will see this element of the reward halved each time you finish it.

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How to get an S Rank in every mission

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of bagging the highest accolade for a particular mission. Here's what you should try to keep in mind as you hunt down every last S Rank.

Mission Tasks - Each mission in the game has a pair of bonus Mission Tasks associated with it. While most of these don't provide a particularly massive boost to your score, completing certain tasks will make life a lot easier.

Speed - The faster you complete a mission, the greater the score bonus you'll receive. When finishing a mission, focus on prioritising the core objectives rather than trying to tick everything off the list as you go, as the bonus for a quick finish is significantly more valuable.

Stealth - If you finish a mission using perfect stealth and without initiating any kills, you'll automatically grab a handful of other bonuses, making it much easier to bag a higher rating. A single slip will, of course, undo all your hard work, so this is best left to those who've truly mastered a mission's finer details.

Accuracy - One final way of achieving a significant score boost is to ensure that you take down all of your opponent's with unflinching accuracy, and take down a large number of enemies using headshots. Get this right and you can practically waltz your way into an S Rank.

Here are the specific modifiers that affect your overall score:

Play Rating score modifiers

Effective Interrogations+ 150
Enemy Combat Alerts- 5,000
Headshots- 1,000
Hits Taken- 100
Markings+ 30
Neutralizations+ 200
Prisoners Rescued+ 5,000
Tactical Takedowns+ 1,000

Bonuses score modifiers

Mission TasksVaries
No Enemy Combat Alerts+ 5,000
No Kills+ 5,000
No Reflex Mode+ 10,000
No Retries+ 5,000
Perfect Stealth, No Kills+ 20,000
No Traces+ 100,000

Need help with The Phantom Pain? Our Metal Gear Solid 5 guide and walkthrough explains how to complete every main story mission, and explains their many optional objectives. We also have lists of Blueprint locations, Tape locations, Key Item locations, how to unlock S Ranks and a Metal Gear Solid 5 Achievement and Trophy list.

Items which reduce your mission Rank

There are a handful of items in the game that will actually restrict the Rank you're allowed to achieve, so if you were thinking of cheesing your way to success, Hideo's already onto your plans. Here's what you should avoid making use of if you want a shot at the highest Ranks. Use any of the items below, and you'll be hard-capped at an A Rating.

  • Chicken Hat
  • Fulton Extraction Ballista
  • Fire Support
  • Support Helicopter (attack)
  • Parasite Suit (camouflage)
  • Infinity Bandana
  • Stealth Camouflage

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