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Metal Gear Solid 5 - Lingua Franca: Afrikaans interpreter location, Viscount location

How to find the Afrikaans interpreter, rescue the prisoners, and locate the Viscount in our Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain walkthrough.

Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Lingua Franca, the 14th main story mission of the game, following on from Pitch Dark.

Lingua Franca Mission checklist:

  • Identified the Afrikaans interpreter
  • Identified the Viscount
  • Extracted the Viscount
  • Pinpointed the locations of the 4 prisoners from an intel file
  • Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted a materials container at Kiziba Camp
  • Listened to all 4 prisoners' interrogations
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Before you tackle your next mission, it's worth returning to Mother Base for an update on Quiet - you'll get a fun little cutscene when it's time to leave. Once you're back in the air, select 14-Lingua Franca from your mission menu, then pick the landing zone just south-west of Kiziba Camp. Keep DD as your buddy, set your drop time to 0600, then commence your mission.

Your primary goal this time around is to find and extract a British prisoner (known as the Viscount) from the nearby Kiziba Camp. However, you've a second objective too: locate the Afrikaans interpreter in the area. His job is to interrogate prisoners at the camp - so, if you find him, you'll be able to follow him straight to the Viscount. What's more, if you can get him back to Mother Base, his language skills will be invaluable during later challenges.

Lingua Franca: Locate the Afrikaans interpreter

Once your chopper arrives at the mission zone, disembark and immediately begin sprinting north-east across the grassland, heading toward the yellow objective marker. A little way on, you'll spot a cluster of huts in the distance - and you'll be alerted to the presence of hostiles.

Drop to a crouch and continue forward until you reach the small hill overlooking the main road near the watchtower. You'll immediately spot a group of guards nearby - two facing south and another escorting a prisoner toward them. Quickly whip out your binoculars and tag them all, zooming in on the face of the stationary guard in the green beret - this is the interpreter that you seek.

As Ocelot notes, you only need to extract the Viscount to complete the mission - but if you want to rescue any additional prisoners on your travels (such as the one you're currently looking at), you're more than welcome to. Before you do anything else, however, make a quick sweep of the area with your binoculars to scan for any remaining hostiles.

Rescue the optional prisoners

Next, turn your attention back to the guards and prisoner. They'll soon begin moving north-east along the main road. A short while after that, however, the group will separate - one guard will escort the prisoner along the dirt track leading east, while the interpreter and his friend will continue along the main path to the north-east.

Immediately close in on the guard and prisoner, sticking to the hill running alongside the dirt track. Stay low and use the tall grass as cover. As soon as you have a clear view of the solider, fire a tranquilliser at his head. Next, Fulton the prisoner and guard out of the area. You'll receive a smattering of intel regarding the Viscount - but not enough to be of use.

Next, locate the interpreter again as he continues his journey north-east. If you've worked quickly enough, he'll still be walking along the main road with his chum in tow. Note that the interpreter will appear as a red triangle in a yellow circle on your HUD. As soon as you have the interpreter in your sights, dash on over and begin tailing him, keeping close behind, and without being spotted of course.

Soon, as the two men near the bend in the road, they'll break into a sprint. Immediately pick up the pace to avoid losing them. As you near the concrete blocks lining the road ahead, look for the small covered area to the right, lying at the closest end of the large, nearby building. There's another guard stationed here, and a second prisoner sprawled on the floor.

Wait for the interpreter to approach the prisoner, then cautiously slip on over to their position. Note that you can hide behind the small corrugated fence surrounding the area without fear of discovery. Shortly, the soldiers will begin interrogating their captive. Eventually, once the sequence ends, the interpreter will hop in a nearby jeep and drive back along the road to the south-west.

Quickly bring down the lone guard in the area, then Fulton him - and the prisoner at his feet - back to Mother Base. That just leaves one optional hostage to go.

In order to liberate the final optional prisoner, you'll need to move quickly. Locate the interpreter again (via the pulsating yellow circle on your HUD), and sprint back along the main road leading south-west. Once you reach the building on the right-hand-side, stop and immediately turn south-east - the interpreter should be directly ahead, albeit some way off in the distance.

Sprint forward over the rocks (keeping watch for any hostiles in the area), and come to a halt once the ramshackle enemy camp - circling a large body of water - slides into view. Your target should be stationed in the main building beneath the windmill on the far side of the water.

Before continuing, break out your binoculars and scan the area for hostiles. Next, start journeying counter-clockwise around the camp's perimeter, staying low to avoid detection. Keeping winding around until you reach the southern side of the windmill you noted earlier, and stop close to the cages and tarpaulin situated nearby.

If you've moved with sufficient haste, the prisoner in this area should still be alive - lying near the cages with a guard close by. Quickly position yourself on the incline overlooking the tarpaulin (it's close to a truck with a comms dish on its roof) and eliminate the guard. Note that you can fire a tranquilliser shot at his exposed legs to bring him down quickly if his helmet's in the way. Once the guard is out for the count, Fulton him and the prisoner out of the area.

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Locate the interpreter and wait for his shift to end

With all three prisoners rescued, it's time to focus your attention on completing your main objective - locating and extracting the Viscount.

Thanks to the intel you've gathered so far, the Viscount's predicted field of movement should now be visible on your map - it's represented by a zig-zagging line to the north of your current position. You are, of course, free to investigate the area immediately. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we'll track the interpreter's movements to guarantee a successful rendezvous.

Start by locating the interpreter again - he should be somewhere toward the centre of the camp. You might need to do a bit of hunting to find him, however. Once the interpreter arrives at the large building beneath the windmill, he'll begin his daily guard patrol. When this happens, he'll continuously circle the camp, moving in a counter-clockwise direction until the sun sets.

There's nothing to do now but wait. Find a safe spot with a view of the main camp building (this is where the interpreter will depart from once his shift ends) and settle yourself in. Feel free to extract a few hostiles back to Mother Base if you start to get bored - and don't forget to grab Kajagoogoo's 'Too Shy' from the tape player in the green tent close to the comms truck.

Tail the interpreter and locate the Viscount

Once the sun sets finally sets and the interpreter makes his move, begin tailing him back along the dirt track. As usual, stay far enough behind him to avoid detection and watch out for guard patrols. When he reaches the main road running north-east (close to where the mission began), he'll follow it a short distance then dive into the cluster of buildings on the hillside to the right.

Stay on his tail and, eventually, you'll reach the building (located just to the north-east of the hilltop watchtower) where the Viscount's interrogation is due to take place. Wait for the interpreter to enter, then make your way round to the building's rear. Lie prone beneath the open window and wait. Before long, D-Dog will sniff out the Viscount as he's escorted along the path toward your position.

Sit tight a little longer and, as the Viscount approaches, peek out around the side of the building and use your binoculars to scan his face, confirming his identity. Next, return to your spot beneath the window. Once the Viscount enters the building, you'll need to deal with the interpreter and any additional guards inside. Either attempt to tranquillise the hostiles through the open window, or rap on the wall and draw your opponents out one by one.

To end the mission, Fulton the Viscount and the interpreter out of the area, then leg it away from the Hot Zone as quickly as possible. When the debrief is over, summon a chopper and return to the air. Before you move onto your next mission, however, there's one last bit of business to attend to.

Visit Quiet at Mother Base

Call up your iDroid and initiate a return to Mother Base, choosing the Medical Platform as your Landing Zone. Once you touch down, 111-Visit Quiet will be added to your Side Ops mission list. Select it, then follow the yellow objective marker down to Quiet's holding cell. Once the cutscene ends, Quiet will be added to your buddy roster which means that, from now on, she can accompany you out in the field. Needless to say, those sniping skills will come in handy!

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