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Here's the full Marvel's Avengers tutorial level


Square Enix has released the full tutorial level of Marvel's Avengers.

This tutorial level, which doubles as a prologue, was shown behind closed doors at various recent events, but is now online for all to see.

The video shows A-Day, aka a very bad day for the Avengers, who fight and fail to save San Francisco from destruction at the hands of a Stark tech-powered Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.). force fronted by Taskmaster.

There's a lot going on here, with action layered on thick and fast across a collapsing Golden Gate Bridge. Each Avenger gets their turn to shine, displaying their unique fighting style and abilities against scores of bad guys.

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Developer Crystal Dynamics had a bit of a mare when Avengers was revealed, with many criticising the character faces.

"Since our E3 reveal, the team has been polishing the prologue to ensure the highest quality possible and will continue to do so with the entire game until it ships on May 15, 2020," Crystal Dynamics said in a blog post.

"For those who saw our demo at E3 or Marvel Games' Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, we hope you notice the updates and improvements we made to the visual fidelity, character models, animations, and more. As huge Marvel fans ourselves, we're just as dedicated to delivering the ultimate Avengers video game as our heroes are to protecting the world."

To my eye, the characters look a tad better than they did at reveal. The combat looks smoother but remains a little stilted in places. Thor's fighting in particular looks jarring, but then the God of Thunder faces a tough comparison with the God of War, Kratos, whose latest outing had impactful and fluid combat with a weapon that would fling back into his strong arm.

Crystal Dynamics said to expect the next big Avengers beat to hit in October.