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Here's the FIFA 23 cover - the last developed by EA

Final score.

EA has unveiled the standard edition cover of FIFA 23 - and in doing so revealed the last ever FIFA cover created by EA.

The two covers, below, show two different versions of the FIFA 23 standard edition. The first standard edition features PSG star Kylian Mbappé.

FIFA 23 standard edition cover

The second standard edition features Chelsea's Sam Kerr. Kerr features on the standard edition in Australia and New Zealand, and as a worldwide Amazon exclusive.

FIFA 23 standard edition cover Sam Kerr

As Eurogamer reported yesterday, Kerr and Mbappé share the cover of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition.

The inclusion of Kerr, who plays for Chelsea and Australia's women's teams and is widely considered one of the best female footballers in the world, marks the first time a female FIFA cover athlete is included on an internationally-released version of EA Sports' long-running football game.

Kerr appearing on the FIFA 23 cover wearing a Chelsea kit suggests the inclusion of Chelsea FC Women and, following that, the Women's Super League - the highest league of women's football in England - in FIFA for the first time.

Mbappé is on the cover of FIFA for the third year in a row.

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FIFA 23 is of course EA's final FIFA-titled football game. From next year's game, EA will use the EA Sports FC title instead, ending a run of almost 30 years of EA-made FIFA games.

The question is: will another developer pick up the FIFA baton and continue the series?

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