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Heavenly Sword prequel vid

Up on Internet and PSN.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With the game due out in a matter of weeks, Sony has begun the countdown to Heavenly Sword's release by kicking off an animated series of back-story shorts on PlayStation Network and the Internet.

You can watch the first (Legend of the Sword) on the Sony US blog or download a 720p HD version (147MB) from the PlayStation Store. Another four will follow before the game's 12th September US release.

SCEA marketing manager Mark Valledor, blogging about the vid, says "we took a page out of 'Clone Wars', because that series kicked ass", also drawing attention to a parallel "making of" video series that focuses on various bits of production. A video related to that is also on the PS Store.

For more on Heavenly Sword, including in-depth impressions of the recent PSN demo, check out our Heavenly Sword gamepage. Sony Europe has yet to confirm a release date for HS other than "September", but some retailers have pegged the 14th. We'll see.

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