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Have I been pronouncing Lady Dimitrescu wrong all this time?

Silent, u.

Well all know about Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu at this point. She's the star of the show and hot internet property. But, do we all know how to correctly pronounce her name?

I thought I did, at least. Lady Dimitrescu, with the "coo" at the end. Seems pretty obvious to me. That's how I've always pronounced Romanian footballers with the same or similar surname. World Cup '94 star Ilie Dumitrescu, for example. Brilliant former Chelsea fullback Dan Petrescu is another. Interviews with these footballers have always pronounced the "coo", too. And so that's what I did with Lady Dimitrescu.

But it appears I may be wrong.

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil Showcase | April 2021

This week, during Capcom's Resident Evil showcase, presenter Brittney Brombacher pronounced Lady Dimitrescu as "Lady Dimitreesk". I did a double take. Did I hear that right? Yes, I did. Brombacher definitely said "Lady Dimitreesk".

A mistake, surely? A trick of the audio? Something lost in translation? I consigned the certain aberration to the back of my mind, before moving on to more important matters, such as that exciting clip of Lady Dimitrescu sucking the blood from your wrist.

Hold on! Apparently Brombacher was briefed by Capcom to pronounce Lady Dimitrescu this way. Is the "u" in Lady Dimitrescu silent? It sure sounds like it.

The pronunciation isn't a big deal, of course. It's just a bit of fun! But I'm keen to hear how Lady Dimitrescu is pronounced in Village itself, just for double confirmation. Hopefully I won't have long to wait: the Resident Evil Village demo launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 tomorrow.

Until then... hold that "coo".

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