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Capcom, I hope you realise what Resident Evil Village's photo mode is about to unleash


Resident Evil Village has a photo mode, new footage has confirmed.

IGN published our first look at the promising horror game running on a PlayStation 4 Pro, and in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen we see you can press the Options button for skip / photo mode (Resident Evil 7 does not have either feature). The cutscene in question stars Lady Dimitrescu.

Unless you've been living under a rock this year you'll know the internet is... enjoying Resident Evil Village's extremely tall vampire lady.

Lady Dimitrescu is something of an internet sensation, and there's plenty of fan art (yes, that kind of fan art, too) plastered all over the web. Lady Dimitrescu cosplay has also taken off. Check this out, from 6'9" model Ekaterina Lisina:

In February a bemused-sounding Capcom thanked fans for their... enthusiastic reaction, with Village's art director Tomonori Takano saying all the attention was "far more than we anticipated".

Watch on YouTube

But Capcom has realised it's on to a good thing here, and in Asia is using life-size Lady Dimitrescu cardboard cutouts to market Resident Evil Village in shops.

Pictures of the 9'6" tall antagonist are also popping up on the side of buses in Hong Kong.

Which brings me neatly onto Village's photo mode, which, yes, I'm sure will be used to snap Lady Dimitrescu in all sorts of... interesting ways.

I hope Capcom knows what it is about to unleash.

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