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Halo Infinite fans have built Blood Gulch in Forge already

A+ effort.

Iconic Halo map Blood Gulch has been recreated in the game's new Forge mode, just hours after its official beta went live.

The long-awaited Forge offering officially arrived yesterday as part of Halo Infinite's Winter Update, and of course Blood Gulch was one of the first things on anyone's mind to recreate.

Halo fan Epsilon_church_ posted word of their creation to Twitter yesterday evening and invited others to try the map for themselves. Amusingly, however, it needed to be named "Coagulation", as "BloodGulch" was blocked.

Halo Infinite Winter Update trailer.

The map was originally designed to work with CTF and Team Slayer, though it has already been updated again for FFA and Oddball modes.

Here's the link to the map in Halo Waypoint's Content Browser.

Some fans have been playing with Forge mode for a while - and this recreation of Zelda's Kokiri Forest previously caught our eye.

Halo Infinite's Winter Update is something of a stopgap until the game's delayed Season 3 arrives next year. It contains the long-awaited campaign co-op option, Forge, a free battle pass with 30 tiers, plus a selection of new multiplayer maps, rotating playlists, tweaks to XP and more.

Here's a full rundown of everything on offer in the Halo Infinite Winter Update.

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