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Gun-shaped box for Saints Row 2

360-exclusive with golden bullet USB key.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has announced the Saints Row 2 Collector's Edition bundle, and in keeping with the game's general sense of fun and social responsibility, the box is shaped like a gun and you get a USB stick in the shape of a bullet.

The publisher has since told Eurogamer that "that particular pack is exclusive to 360". Boosh!

Obviously it's a bit difficult to fit a DVD inside a Beretta, but judging by the picture of the Xbox 360 version (see below), the idea is that the box is like a gun mounted in a frame, and the disc lives somewhere behind the veneer.

It's not alone, either, with a 1GB USB key in the shape of a golden bullet to keep it company, along with a 3rd Street Saints poster (a woman blowing the smoke away from the barrel of her man's gun) and a map of Stilwater, the game's sandbox location.

If you're more of a thinker than a brute, there's even an exclusive limited edition artbook so you can admire developer Volition's hustle, and particularly devoted consumers can also take advantage of exclusive content "including buddy icons and wallpapers".

Sadly though no henna gang tats, and despite multi-AVN-Award-winning "adult actress" Tera Patrick joining as a special producer, she doesn't seem to be doing anything special for collectors.

Saints Row 3 is expected to ship with a shiv, two bars of soap and a dime-stretch in Chino.

Saints Row 2 is due out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 17th October, and the Collector's Edition should be available at launch from shops and websites. And yes, that includes the UK - you can even see the BBFC logo on the box.

We've contacted THQ to find out if separate Collector's Edition packs exist for PS3 and PC, or whether it's just the 360 owners who they've identified as the gun-hungry crime stats of tomorrow.

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