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Guitar Hero: Metallica confirmed

Trailer says it's due next year.

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The next single-band version of Guitar Hero has been confirmed as Guitar Hero: Metallica, and given a 2009 release date.

Confirmation comes via a short teaser trailer that's an unlockable Easter egg in the latest release in the series, Guitar Hero World Tour.

The teaser first appeared on YouTube last week, and Gamespot has now confirmed its authenticity and uploaded it for you to view.

"Unleash your metal god," proclaims the trailer to the tune of Master of Puppets, before reading "Ride the lightning - 2009" amid many thunderclaps, lightning-flashes and indiscriminate crashing sounds.

Guitar Hero: Metallica will follow this year's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as the second edition of the game dedicated to the work of a single artist. It originally surfaced in Activision's financial paperwork back in June.

Activision has not confirmed whether Guitar Hero: Metallica will follow the same format as the Aerosmith game, now what platforms it will appear on, not whether it will support the full range of instruments added by Guitar Hero World Tour.

For more on World Tour and gaming's battle of the bands, check out yesterday's review.

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