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GTI Club+ dated

Just over a month away.

Konami has said that its upcoming GTI Club remake will be released for PlayStation Network on 4th December for the previously announced price of GBP 9.99.

GTI Club+ is a 720p retooling of the hot hatch Cote d'Azur runaround that had the pounds rolling in at arcades in 1996, and runs at 60 frames per second.

It's also got the old Mini Cooper among its five cars, and features online play and even Sixaxis and PlayStation Eye support. Good to see them getting work.

What's more, it's been put together by SUMO Digital of OutRun2 on Xbox fame, among other fames, so it might be worth a look.

You can check out our GTI Club+ hands-on preview to see what we thought about it when we got a chance to play it recently.

Alternatively, you can check it out at the Eurogamer Expo this week because, yes, it's one of the many games playable at the London event. Which we will eventually shut up about, we promise.

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GTI Club+


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