GTI Club+

PSN remake of the 1996 arcade game.

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GTI Club and friends in PSN update

GTI Club and friends in PSN update

LEGO Batman demo, GRID DLC, etc.

GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur takes a bow on PlayStation Network today along with a demo of LEGO Batman and add-ons for the likes of Race Driver: GRID and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Konami's spirited remake of the arcade machine of the same name nicks the gameplay and splatters it lovingly across more up to date graphics in a way that made us quite tingly in our 7/10 review, which should not be seen as too off-putting. We're looking forward to more tracks and other content.

Meanwhile, there's another couple of PSone games (Red Alert Retaliation and Jet Rider - classics, we're sure you'll agree) and of course the requisite downloadables for Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band.

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GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur

The rise of downloadable games has returned immutably single-minded arcade releases to contemporary relevance in a way that even the harshest retro-sceptic would struggle to condemn, and sieved through that perspective GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur is a shrewd piece of commissioning: a fondly remembered three-minute racer on a download service with roll-your-own pricing.

Hiring SUMO Digital was also excellent; the Northern codeshop broke the rules by eulogising OutRun 2's simplicity rather than drowning the player in misguided compensation, and it's a trick repeated here. Contracting SUMO is more perceptive than at first appears, too; when asked, the developer extended OutRun 2 with rarefied compassion. Who better to build on GTI Club + if it succeeds?

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. SUMO hasn't; the Cote D'Azur setting is rendered out in pin-sharp 720p at mostly 60fps, but the real-time reflections and shadowing of the buffed-up Mini Coopers and Golf GTIs are restrained and humble guests at a banquet of nostalgically blocky buildings and nakedly regimented and paraded NPC traffic obstacles under cheery blue skies. It's achingly, but lovingly game: cement flower-beds tumble and loop across an overpass on sufficient, speed-sapping impact; an uphill launch past a garage must veer left or right or be impaled upon an invisibly-walled triangular outpost for pumps in a petrol station forecourt; and player vehicles spin on the spot upon impact with an NPC, or cartwheel elaborately if they land on a downturned nose, most notably at the foot of a rough shortcut from the top of the hill above the single town circuit that makes up the initial release.

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GTI Club+ dated

Just over a month away.

Konami has said that its upcoming GTI Club remake will be released for PlayStation Network on 4th December for the previously announced price of GBP 9.99.

GTI Club +

Hot hatch: back.

It's a double dose of nostalgia, this: GTI Club + is a retooling of the 1996 Konami arcade cab, and doesn't shy away from the electric blues, burbling jazz-funk and reedy voiceover exclamations that will send you straight back to somewhere sticky-carpeted on the seafront. But GTI Club was hardly aggressively contemporary back in its day. The racer had a selection of classic hot hatches scrambling around the back streets of a breezy Cote d'Azur resort, in a throwback to The Italian Job and the 1960s heyday of the Monte Carlo rally.

GTI Club+ PSN details and shots

GTI Club+ PSN details and shots

Sumo Digital doing it. 720p/60fps.

Konami has announced plans to release a Sumo Digital-developed remake of GTI Club on the PlayStation Network this November.

Called GTI Club+, the new game adopts the 1996 coin-op's open racing environments and spruces them up with 720p graphics at 60 frames-per-second.

There will be a great many vintage and modern vehicles to race around in, apparently, and you will be assisted by Sat Nav, a new rear-view mirror and fancy 5.1 surround sound - including a remix of the arcade machine's Atjazz music.

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GTI Club+

Sumo Digital remakes the coin-op for PSN.

Sumo Digital remakes the coin-op for PSN.