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GTI Club+ PSN details and shots

Sumo Digital doing it. 720p/60fps.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has announced plans to release a Sumo Digital-developed remake of GTI Club on the PlayStation Network this November.

Called GTI Club+, the new game adopts the 1996 coin-op's open racing environments and spruces them up with 720p graphics at 60 frames-per-second.

There will be a great many vintage and modern vehicles to race around in, apparently, and you will be assisted by Sat Nav, a new rear-view mirror and fancy 5.1 surround sound - including a remix of the arcade machine's Atjazz music.

There are Free Run, Arcade and Bomb Tag modes, support for eight-player online racing, and worldwide rankings to keep track of your achievements.

Apparently the game even supports EyeToy HD, although we don't know why. Perhaps you can capture people's souls.

Konami has yet to confirm a price for GTI Club+, but you can expect to see it in November and you can expect it to look like it does in our GTI Club+ screenshot gallery.

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