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GTA Online is filled with players walking in circles

Round and round the merry-go-round.

Grand Theft Auto Online players are walking around in circles while AFK to grind for Tuner RP in the new Los Santos Tuners update.

As reported by Kotaku, the update's new reputation system has a huge rank cap of 1000 and reaching the higher levels takes a lot of time. The only way to earn RP is through Tuner races, testing out new cards, and passively by walking around the car meet.

Players have figured out the passive RP method can be exploited easily. As long as they can keep their character moving around in the car meet, they won't be booted from a server for inactivity and can get on with something else in the real world.

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The end result is lobbies filled with AFK players walking around in a circle in the car meet.

Players have also shared their creative ways to stay AFK without being kicked: tying rubber bands on their analogue sticks or holding down the W button on their keyboard.

It's a shame players are resorting to such methods to get the items they want that are locked behind level thresholds. The potential environmental impact of hundreds of PCs left switched on day and night simply to gain virtual experience is also concerning.

Rockstar hasn't yet commented on this practice, but appears to have been clamping down on AFKing more broadly, kicking players who are AFK while watching TV in the apartments.