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GTA 5 dataminers discover mission involving aliens and a flying saucer

The truth is out there.

The Grand Theft Auto series has become notorious for its secrets, consisting of eerie Easter Eggs and cut content only available to those who tinker with its code. From GTA: San Andreas' infamous Hot Coffee sex mini-game to GTA 5's bizarre showdown between Bigfoot and Teen Wolf's beast, there's some pretty peculiar things going on in GTA's most clandestine corners.

GTA 5's datamined discoveries are out of this world.

The latest example of this involves a crashed flying saucer and a firefight with the aliens that haunt this derelict craft. Presented as a seemingly ordinary supply run in GTA Online, this extra-terrestrial showdown was discovered by a group of dataminers after they tweaked the game's code.

GTA paranormal investigators Chiliad Mystery Guru, a crowdsourced group of fans who have become obsessed with uncovering content that's either been cut or willingly kept at arm's length by crafty developers at Rockstar communicating through clues in its code, has just unearthed this close encounter of the nerd kind.

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As detailed by Chiliad Mystery Guru's SSj5_Tadden on Reddit, it took "much hard work, two weeks of sleepless nights and years of research" to make this discovery.

At a glance, altering GTA 5's code could be considered cheating, or even modding, the game, but the Chiliad Mystery Gurus have maintained that they have not added any content; they merely adjusted certain in-game variables.

"I will agree it could seem mod-esque. But we made no attempts to alter any other game mechanics. Just a simple value of true or false, to see if we were on the right track," these lone gunmen explained on their YouTube channel.

Yet there is still much we don't know. The most central mystery is whether this alien egg hunt can be obtained through the normal game.

"What makes this mission spawn naturally?" SSj5_Tadden pondered. "Is it just a very rare supply run you get by chance? Or is there some elaborate sequence of things we have to do beforehand?"

The truth is out there.

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