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Green Man Gaming Summer Sale gets underway with 55% off Monster Hunter World

Plus over 2000 more savings and free game giveaways.

UPDATE: A handful of new titles have now been added to the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale. Some of the new highlights are savings on many Bethesda games, including Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for £3.80. Elsewhere, you can get cute JRPG Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom for £25, revitilised space exploration sim No Man's Sky for £17 and wondrous deck building roguelike Slay The Spire for £9.75.

You can also use the voucher code 'SUMMER10' to get 10% off both sale and non-sale items! That drops the likes of Monster Hunter World to £20.25 or Doom Eternal to £40.49.

ORIGINAL STORY: It's looking a bit grey outside today, but that hasn't stopped the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale from getting underway with a range of savings across over 2000 titles big and small.

A quick search through some of the included games shows that there's a pretty good offering from Capcom in the Summer Sale. One of their best deals is on beast-slaying RPG Monster Hunter World for £22.50 - that's reduced even further from the original sale price to a whopping 55 per cent off. With the Iceborne expansion on the way later this winter (sadly a few months later on PC compared to the console release), now's a good time to get yourself all prepared for any new threats that await.

Meanwhile, you can also get both the stellar remake of Resident Evil 2 or the latest demon-slaying antics of Dante and company in Devil May Cry 5 for under £30 each. Seeing this trio of excellent games together just emphasises how Capcom is on such a roll lately, and each is well worth your time.

On the hunt for a bargain.

If I were to pick out a few more offers quickly, then Vermintide 2 for £8.09, Shadow of the Tomb Raider for £18 and Stellaris for £8.75 would easily make the cut.

I've also seen that Resident Evil 6 is on sale for £5. Having just played through this in co-op for the first time, I can safely say I haven't laughed at a game as much in a long time. It is unquestionably a bit crap, but the ridiculous set pieces of rolling explosions, the constantly crashing vehicles of increasing size and the absurd plot twists have had me in tears.

As there are so many games on sale and more to be added over time, though, I'd recommend you give the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale page a good browse to see if anything else stands out. The event runs until 7th August so there's loads of time to pick something up.

Why do we need a meta game in our sales now, too?

I should also add that, because simply having a standard barrage of money-off deals isn't cool anymore, Green Man Gaming has added an extra layer of complication to this sale. Take a look and you'll see many games have been given Gold, Silver or Bronze tags. Essentially, depending on which category a game falls under, you'll also be able to get a few bonus goodies to go along with your purchase.

Pick up that Monster Hunter World deal, for example, and because it has a Gold tag you'll also receive a voucher to use on a selection of free games, a 15 per cent off voucher for your next Summer Sale purchase and an exclusive Intel Starter Pack bundle. The latter contains a range of games or free-to-play extras such as Star Trek Bridge Crew, Raw Data, Gas Guzzlers Extreme or in-game content for Dreadnought.

So, yeah, the mechanics make it sound way more complex than it needs to be but all you need to know is: buy stuff and you get more stuff. Hooray for stuff!

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