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Gravity Rush PlayStation Vita release date

June release for force-bending adventure.

Stylish PlayStation Vita adventure Gravity Rush will be released in Europe on 13th June, Sony has announced.

The game will launch on an old-school Game Card in bricks and mortar shops, as well as being made available to download.

Cel-shaded Gravity Rush allows you to explore a futuristic world and tinker with the force of gravity. You can walk on walls, fly through the air and fight enemies with force powers.

"If you're drawn to games by the satisfaction offered by their simplest mechanics, Gravity Daze is a total delight," Chris Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's 9/10 Gravity Daze import review.

"You can spin between rooftops and freeze yourself in mid-air; you can drop from the sky and never hit the ground."

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