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Grand Theft Auto Online Heists in early 2015

Pay day for Rockstar.

The long-awaited Heists for Grand Theft Auto Online arrive early in 2015, Rockstar Games has said.

A first video was shared in an interview-reveal piece with IGN.

Heists had to be rethought so that each aspect - each of the four players' perspectives - was fun and varied to play, hence the hold-up. "... Our initial attempts at Heists turned out to be a lot of fun for one or two players while other players were getting left on the sidelines," Rockstar's mission designer Imran Sarwar explained.

Heists require four players rank 12 or above to begin. The Leader takes the job from Lester and sets everything up, picking a crew, assigning player roles, agreeing cuts and fronting any cash that's needed. They'll need a pad big enough to hold a planning board.

Missions are multi-tiered and require preparation rounds - stealing a getaway car, finding a way into a bank - before the big finales.

There will be five Heist "strands" at launch that involve more than 20 missions, equalling roughly 20 hours of gameplay, Sarwar said. They'll be replayable and there will be rewards for nailing them in certain ways.

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