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GoldenEye 007 Xbox achievements leak points to new port


Rare's legendary GoldenEye 007 looks set to return - as detailed by a newly-leaked set of Xbox achievements.

The achievement list, which was scooped off Microsoft's servers by True Achievements, includes 55 new awards and 1000 Gamerscore for completing the game's campaign and playing its various multiplayer modes. Achievement artwork even includes screenshots from the classic James Bond shooter.

There's been no official announcement of this new GoldenEye 007 release and, for now, both Rare and Microsoft are keeping schtum.

Cover image for YouTube videoGoldeneye Xbox 360 Unreleased Live Play

While developed by Rare, the messy rights situation surrounding GoldenEye 007 has long held back the game from being officially ported.

Unlike Bond's licence to kill with ease, complexities surrounding the licence to create James Bond games (later held at various times by EA and Activision), not to mention GoldenEye's likenesses of various real-world actors, all mean the 1997 classic has never been officially re-released.

There have been various attempts - most notably, a 2008 stab at getting the N64 original relaunched via the Xbox 360's digital Xbox Live Arcade. Work on this port was completed, but ultimately never sold as Microsoft and Nintendo could not reach an agreement. Still, a development build did leak online - and you can see our John and Alex from Digital Foundry giving it a go above.

Perhaps now, with relations markedly improved between Microsoft and Nintendo, things will be different. And hey, it's also James Bond's 60th anniversary this year.