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God of War Ragnarök's unfinished photo mode found and unlocked

Aesir what they've done.

One God of War Ragnarök fan has found, and subsequently unlocked, the game's unfinished photo mode.

Developer Sony Santa Monica recently stated that, while a photo mode would not be available on the game's launch, it would be coming further down the line by way of an update. This is much the same as with 2018's God of War.

However, prolific modder Speclizer (who was responsible for unearthing the canned multiplayer map files in the Last of Us Part 2) has managed to find Ragnarök's photo mode and get it working.

Here's Zoe's take on God of War: Ragnarök for our video team's review.

Speclizer told Eurogamer the photo mode in its current state is more or less the same as 2018's photo mode, bar a few differences such as the UI and the option to change Mimir's expression.

The photo mode is currently not finished, so there may be other changes on its final release. Meanwhile, as you can see in Speclizer's video via the tweet below, not all options are fully functional as yet.

Eurogamer recently awarded God of War Ragnarök a Recommended badge, with Chris calling it a "triumphant return" for the series.

"Ragnarök's dramatic might comes from its unique access to a sense of scale, a sense that was so sorely missed in the previous game and remedied with conviction here at last," he wrote. "You will fight some big, ugly monsters in God of War: Ragnarök, you will climb on their backs, lash at them with your blades, bellow defiance up to them from below. You'll stand silhouetted, jagged, cartoonishly angular in front of them. Finally, deep into this game, you will get a bit of the old Kratos back, a bit of PS2 excess will break free of its self-conscious cage.

"It takes a long time to get there, but this is a series that's needed to do a little soul-searching, to work through its own awkward teenage phase and wince at its old regrets. Its own heroes prove to be just the tonic."