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God of War man's new studio

Has three-game Sony deal.

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David Jaffe, director of the Twisted Metal series and God of War, has announced that he is forming a new games company called Eat Sleep Play, reports.

Jaffe, whose most recent project was the PlayStation Network title Calling All Cars, is teaming up with long-time collaborator Scott Campbell to form the new company. Campbell currently runs Incognito Entertainment, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based developer that is part of the SCEA Santa Monica studio group.

Eat Sleep Play has a three-game console/handheld exclusive deal with Sony and plans to release its first original game in 2008. The company will also be putting out a PS2 port of the PSP title Twisted Metal: Head On for the 2007 holiday season. The game will include the original PSP game running at 60fps, with higher-resolution textures, a documentary on the series, and several levels from a never-released Twisted Metal: Black sequel.

"We met with some other interested parties but at the end of the day Sony is our home, our family, and we're really thrilled and honored they wanted to work with us and continue the relationship we've spent almost fifteen years cultivating," said Jaffe. "So in many ways, it's like very little has changed, other than the pay cut," he continued in his typically wry fashion.

Incognito Entertainment is working on the upcoming Warhawk game for PS3, and was responsible for Downhill Domination, War of the Monsters, and Twisted Metal: Black for the PS2. The company was formed by former employees of SingleTrac, developers of Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Jet Moto on the original PlayStation.

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