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Get Yoshi's Crafted World plus egg cartridge case for £40

A crackin' deal.

Although fans are likely still caught up in the Switch redux of Wii U classic Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Nintendo has promised original and even more cutesy side-scroller Yoshi's Crafted World, which lands on the the 29th March.

Most sites you can order it from have settled at a £44.99 price point - barring ShopTo, where you can nab a copy for the eggcellent price of £39.85, with complementary egg-shaped cartridge case.

Yoshi's Crafted World takes place on the lovely island of the Yoshis, where presumably all the luridly coloured bipedal dinosaurs hatch, and where the glistening Sundream Stone lives - an item touted to make one's "wildest dreams come true".

Unfortunately, hardened Nintendo baddies Baby Bowser and Kamek attempt to steal the stone, leading to its gems getting scattered across the world.

Rendered ever so soft and fluffy, you must make your way through a whimsical world built out of cardboard, goggle eyes and origami to retrieve the gem stones. You'll have to battle the likes of Zombie Gus and Skelesaurus to make it out, while also nabbing all those sweet, sweet collectables - as is Nintendo platformer tradition.

Just as paper has two sides, so too can the levels be flipped, adding a whole new dynamic to the game. Furthermore, Yoshi's Crafted World features a co-op mode for twice the kicks.

Planning to surprise a little one with a copy come March? Be sure to pick up one of these delightful Yoshi plushies at Build-a-Bear.

Additionally, if you're feeling egg-stravagant, be sure to check out these Nintendo Switch microSD cards and Nintendo Switch accessories deals.

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