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Get a Legend of Zelda Game & Watch from Currys for just £25

Use code 'FNDDGAMING' to save a grand total of £15!

We’ve now reached day three of Black Friday 2022 – aka the one before Cyber Monday – and deals are still up for grabs across many a storefront, digital and physical.

One we’ve spotted over on Currys is an additional £5-off an already discounted item – specifically, the Legend of Zelda edition of Nintendo’s Game and Watch system, up for grabs for £25 with code ‘FNDDGAMING’.

To secure this deal, you'll have to set the delivery method to 'Collection' from a local Currys store near you – you'll have to do this on the item's store page before reaching the checkout where you'll enter the code for it to recognise the bonus £5-off deal. Alternatively, you could still save money on delivery and instead order it directly to you, but that'll bring the price back up to £30.

For those not in the know, Nintendo’s Game and Watch systems are essentially miniature, portable consoles, themed around and dedicated to a particular game series – in this case, The Legend of Zelda is the focus.

With this nifty device, whilst you can’t play a whole range of games like Nintendo’s Switch handheld, you can play a preset selection of three classic Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – both originally released on the Famicom – and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, a original Gameboy release. This is a pretty nifty way to preserve games, particularly with the device’s theming around the franchise, adding further flavour to the classic mix.

As a little bonus, there’s even the ability to swap between both the English and Japanese versions of each game, plus there’s the addition of whack-a-mole game, Vermin which features the inclusion of playable Link – a suitable inclusion considering the device’s focus.

Not only can you play these four titles however, the Game and Watch – much like the name suggests – functions as a watch too, with a digital clock included on the device. Not only does it serve a general purpose of showing the time, but it also acts as a timer that’ll let you track how many various in-game actions and encounters you can beat within a set time.

Overall, it’s a neat little device and at £15 off its usual price – thanks to code ‘FNDDGAMING’ – it’s most definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a collector of classic games or merchandise.

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