Sleeping Dogs Videos

Digital FoundrySleeping Dogs Gameplay Performance Analysis Video

Matching excerpts of Sleeping Dogs gameplay are processed through Digital Foundry analysis tools - which version offers the smoother experience?

Digital FoundrySleeping Dogs Face-Off: PS3 vs. PC Video

The weakest SKU in the Sleeping Dogs line-up compared to the strongest.

Digital FoundrySleeping Dogs Cut-Scene Performance Analysis Video

Frame-rate tests on like-for-like sections from the game.

Digital FoundrySleeping Dogs Face-Off: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Video

Xbox 360 enjoys a higher resolution and more detailed effects work, as this comparison video demonstrates.

Digital FoundrySleeping Dogs Face-Off: Xbox 360 vs. PC Video

The PC version with all settings ramped up to the max, up against the standard Xbox 360 game.

Digital FoundrySleeping Dogs - DFPC 1080p, Low vs. High Settings Video

Our 300 PC gets to grips one of the most demanding PC titles yet.

VideoThe EGTV Show: Sleeping Dogs Special

Eurogamer visits Hong Kong to discover Square Enix's open world shooter.

VideoNew Sleeping Dogs developer diary

Why United Front chose Hong Kong as its setting.