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Sleeping Dogs' jam-packed October DLC schedule includes free content

Wei to go.

Enjoyable Hong Kong romp Sleeping Dogs will be expanded in a slew of DLC packs due to launch in October.

There will be a free content pack for the community, as well as the game's first proper helping of extra story content.

Publisher Square Enix describes the ongoing delivery of Sleeping Dogs DLC as a "campaign" in itself, which is accurate in its almost militaristic tone. A bewildering array of player-boosting packs, extra costumes and additional in-game money are already available (although most of this is unlocked fairly easily as you progress through the game).

Coming up in the next month or so is: more street racing (and boat racing too?) in the Street Racer Pack, twenty new cop missions in the SWAT Pack, and a new ultra-powerful weapon and armour set in the Tactical Soldier Pack.

That's on top of the free Community Gift Pack (no word on what that contains) and the first story-driven game expansion, set to be unveiled fully on 14th October at New York Comic Con.

Screenshots and footage from the new content lie below.