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Far Cry Classic Edition is a barebones PC port

Digital FoundryFar Cry Classic Edition is a barebones PC port

It's still a huge upgrade over the last-gen console releases.

It's getting a full release in a few weeks' time but for owners of the Far Cry 5 season pass, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is available for download right now - and to say it's garnering mixed reports is something of an understatement. On the one hand, it delivers a night and day improvement in every regard compared to the original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console releases, but on the other, the reality is that it's essentially a straight port of the existing PC game. And perhaps there's a reason why this is dubbed the Classic Edition as opposed to, say, Far Cry 3 Remastered - because as far as I can see, the only actual changes made to the core content seems to be restricted to adding the work 'classic' to the logo.

In theory at least though, a straight PC port isn't necessarily a bad thing - for two reasons. First of all, Far Cry 3 itself as a game still holds up visually in the current-gen era and it plays extremely well. A spectacular improvement over its predecessor, it was the first Ubisoft Far Cry game that truly delivered an open world (Far Cry 2 was constructed more as a series of play areas linked by 'corridors'), its gunplay, melee and hunting mechanics worked beautifully, and while the sandbox is there to do with as you will, the narrative thread and variety in the tasks asked of you remains compelling - even today.

Secondly, Ubisoft Montreal pushed the Dunia Engine hard with this game - too hard, perhaps. Performance was sometimes shocking poor and the wobbly frame-rate and constant screen-tearing of the last-gen console releases is the stuff of legend. And that's despite the development team using every trick in the book to somehow downsize a vastly superior PC game onto those machines. A range of techniques was deployed to claw back resources, from slightly reduced resolutions for better memory management, lower resolution alpha effects, and plenty more.

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Passing out isn't something people are meant to do very often - or at all, in fact - not that you'd know it from video games. Game protagonists, seemingly, like nothing more than sparking out for a while and then coming to later. I've been rendered unconscious twice in my life and I can't say either was a particularly fun experience, but that's certainly not stopping the games industry - Metal Gear Solid 5 made the latest contribution to the proud tradition just this week, in fact.

With the exception of a few characters from Far Cry 3 popping up in Far Cry 4's Kyrat, the general assumption is that each Far Cry game stands alone, lacking any significant narrative links. The thing is, I'm a massive Far Cry nerd and, after noticing numerous subtle details in Far Cry 4 that seemed to reference past games and characters, I decided to dig a bit deeper. After wading through the endless swamp of online speculation, I've got a pretty solid theory (I think) that not only ties the whole series together, but also points us toward a possible setting for Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 3 was, in critical terms, a bit of alright. A reboot of a reboot (it seems the Far Cry series will forever exist in a cycle that ignores what's gone before), Ubisoft Montreal's first person shooter found an open world sweet spot that made for one of 2012's most intoxicating treats. 10/10, basically.

Far Cry's had a long history of half-decent, half-imaginative and half-broken multiplayer. The mix of open-world mechanics and online firefights should work wonders, but Ubisoft's never quite managed to find the right balance: good ideas are swapped in for bafflingly wrong-headed ones, leaving a strange trail of multiplayer modes that are partly genius and partly mediocre.

Far Cry: The Wild Expedition is a compilation

UPDATE: Release date updated, Far Cry Classic now available.

UPDATE #2 11/02/14: Ubisoft has updated its release schedule for the upcoming Far Cry compilation, The Wild Expedition. The bundle will now launch a week later - on 21st February rather than the 14th.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sales hit 500,000 in two months

Ubisoft's redonkulous Far Cry 3 spin-off Blood Dragon has shifted more than 500,000 copies in its first two months on sale.

The neon 1980s-themed reskin launched as a standalone download for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of April.

Blood Dragon even helped drive sales of the main Far Cry 3 game, Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot revealed the news to Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry International.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gets release date and... '80s film star Michael Biehn?

Ubisoft's bonkers and still unannounced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will star '80s action man Michael Biehn.

The downloadable PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 spin-off is due to launch on 1st May, its listing on Xbox.com has revealed.

Terminator and Aliens actor Biehn is likely voicing the game's eye-patched protagonist Sargent Rex Colt, whose mission it is to defeat a rogue cyborg army.

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A website for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon went live yesterday while we were all laid low with chocolate-based bank holiday regret, but despite the timing this doesn't look like an April Fool's joke - it comes on the heels of various leaks and seems to be a downloadable game spinning off from last year's amazing Ubisoft Montreal open-world FPS.

Far Cry 3 patch that resets outposts is out now on all platforms

Far Cry 3 patch that resets outposts is out now on all platforms

Also adds new extra hard "Master" difficulty and allows you to remove the HUD.

Ubisoft has previously teased a patch for Far Cry 3 that would allow players to reset outposts, tailor the HUD, and add an extra hard difficulty setting, but it was never clear when this would come out until today as the publisher just announced that the patch is out now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

All of these features are based on fan request, and now players can retackle the outpost missions - arguably the highlight of the game - in the uber challenging Master difficulty. And they'll be able to do it while looking at less screen clutter to boot with the newly customisable HUD.

New multiplayer features allow players to beta test their user-created maps to gain feedback on them before releasing them to everyone, maps are now searchable by author, the "idle kick" feature that removes idle players is removed from custom and private matches, and the Skip map voting system now has more visibility and allots players more time to cast their votes.

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Watch the BAFTA Game Awards live on Eurogamer

UPDATE: Dishonored takes top honours, but Journey scoops up five awards.

UPDATE: The 2013 BAFTA winners are in and they're a doozy. Dishonored took top honours, winning best game overall, which is odd as it didn't win in any other awards. Conversely, Journey received a whopping five awards in various other categories.

FeatureDevelopers' Games of 2012

Levine! Molyneux! Dean Hall!

You lot have your fun with this. And we do, too. So it's only fair that game developers, the people who smash the virtual hammers onto the virtual anvils, get their chance. What are the games of 2012 according to the likes of Ken Levine, Peter Molyneux and other game design luminaries? Read on to find out.

FeatureGames of 2012: Far Cry 3

Paradise through a rifle sight.

In Far Cry 3, I'm always driving to distraction. Rook Island has come to feel like a special kind of freedom, its looping roads and bumpy dust tracks criss-crossing with breadcrumb trails, always suggesting unplanned stop-offs. Freedom does, nevertheless, feel like an odd word for this achievement. What, in a virtual world, does freedom even mean? The freedom to execute a pre-programmed action? To take a road less travelled, but one built by a team of hundreds for just that purpose? The freedom to switch off?

Far Cry 3 patch will allow you to tailor the HUD/UI

Far Cry 3 patch will allow you to tailor the HUD/UI

Because who wants to read mission prompts when you're being attacked by a tiger, amirite?

Far Cry 3 may be a gorgeous, brilliant open-world adventure, but its mesmerizing visuals and exotic tigers are often obstructed by an obtrusive UI that impedes the immersion by mothering you with objectives and tips.

Ubisoft has responded to these criticisms by announcing that it's working on a patch that will allow players to tailor the HUD/UI to their liking.

"Based on feedback from both press and fans, the Far Cry 3 production team is working on a patch that will allow you to toggle most HUD/UI elements based on player preference," said Ubisoft in a statement to Kotaku.

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Far Cry 3 High Tides co-op DLC exclusive to PS3

PS3-exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC has just been announced. It's co-op themed and known as High Tides. It's due in January.

High Tides contains two new co-op chapters: Jailbreak and Redemption. They pick up where the original six co-op chapters left off.

"We've got new missions, tougher fights, bigger competitions, some great up-close time with your favourite characters, and explosive moments unlike anything you've seen before," wrote Meghan Watt from Massive Entertainment (the studio that handled Far Cry 3 online) on the US PlayStation blog.

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Far Cry 3 review

Far Cry 3 review

Sunny delight.

There are lots of things to celebrate in Far Cry 3, Ubisoft's best game since Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but the thing I keep coming back to is Rook Island itself. There's often a lot of unremarkable space in open-world shooters, but this vast, mountainous patch of fictional grass and rock in the middle of the Pacific has been created by people who believe that every inch is important, and who have refused to compromise or sculpt any part of it with less than an artist's attention to detail.

There are 18 radio towers to scale as you make your way through the game, each of which highlights new objectives on your map and opens up new weapons to buy at local shops, and each tower is a unique first-person climbing challenge - a peaceful ascent through a creaking spiral of steel that's fraying at the edges, revealing beautiful panoramic views before sending you back down to earth on a thrilling zipline.

There are over 30 enemy outposts to stalk and reclaim, each of which gives you a new safehouse and reduces enemy influence and presence in the surrounding area, and while there's some familiarity in layout, each is woven carefully into its surroundings - recessed into the foot of a mountain surrounded by jungle, perhaps, or swaddled in corrugated iron at the top of a hill, or perched on a rock at the edge of a wide beach approach.

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Far Cry 3 preview: Territoriality, crafting and early tech analysis

FeatureFar Cry 3 preview: Territoriality, crafting and early tech analysis

The first three hours of bumble in the jungle.

With Far Cry 3, Ubisoft Montreal leaves behind the dry African savannahs and muggy swamps of its bleak second entry, and brings the series straight back to the luscious blues and greens of the tropics. It makes sense too. This is, after all, the visual signature that made the original Far Cry such a breakthrough success for the technical pioneers at Crytek, who leveraged some much-needed sun, sea and sand into the gritty-grey FPS scene of 2003, before disappearing off into mid-life Crysis.

The sandbox island setting is back, then, but it's never been about skinny-dipping and sand castles. At the outset of the game, Ubisoft adds a splash of trouble to this paradise when our lead character, Jason Brody, finds pirates taking over control of the Rook Island resort he's at by cutthroat force. The downward spiral from silly teenage fun to abject misery is as sharp as any teen-slash flick, and within minutes Jason's boozy holiday transforms into a gruelling fight for survival. It gets pretty nasty, in fact, as the unhinged menace of the pirate leader, Vaas, provokes Jason into a desperate game of cat-and-mouse across the island.

Survival is the key word here. Once Jason escapes, he's advised to embrace his savage, instinctive drives in order to come out on top of the wilderness. This conceit weaves nicely into Far Cry 3's main gameplay objectives: territorial control and a crafting system predicated on hunting wildlife. It transpires that we're not the only ones bitter about the arrival of these unwanted guests, and the indigenous Rakyat tribe soon encourages Jason to recover its sabotaged villages. Dotted around the archipelago, ownership of these settlements is laid out in a clear video game language, with flags waving at the centre of each to show who has a claim to which region.

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Pre-order Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3 at Eurogamer Expo for exclusive bonus

EGXPre-order Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3 at Eurogamer Expo for exclusive bonus

Numbered lithographic prints available while stocks last.

Pre-order Assassin's Creed 3 or Far Cry 3 at the Eurogamer Expo and you'll get a numbered, limited edition print you'll find nowhere else.

Both will only be available while supplies last (there are 500 for Assassin's Creed 3 and 750 for Far Cry 3).

The stunning Assassin's Creed 3 artwork comes courtesy of digital artist Russ Mills. I would totally have this on my wall.

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Far Cry 3 PC system specs revealed

Find out what it takes to punch a shark on the highest setting.

Far Cry 3's minimum, recommended and high-performance system specs have been released for the PC version of Ubisoft's upcoming psychedelic open-world first-person shooter.

EGXUbisoft brings top talent to Eurogamer Expo developer sessions

Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist developers all in the house.

Here we go! I'm very happy to shade in a few of the remaining blocks on this year's Eurogamer Expo developer sessions page by revealing that Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are all on the schedule for this year's event!

Far Cry 3 Island Survival Guide trailer shows off breathtaking scenery and "exotic creatures"

A new trailer for psychedelic open-world first-person shooter Far Cry 3 shows off its lush tropical setting of the Rook Islands.

Narrated by ex-CIA agent Huntley, the trailer depicts scenic terrain that "houses a thousand years of secrets," "hundreds of exotic creatures" and a tiger on bison attack at 1:59 that puts Tokyo Jungle to shame.

Not seen in this trailer is shark-punching, which will make a welcome return to this game after Batman whet our appetites for it in Arkham City last autumn.

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Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 violence justified by story

"One mistake games can make is to simply not acknowledge it."

The portrayal of violence in video games needs to fit with a game's story, Ubisoft has said, while discussing the prominent part that bloodshed plays in tropical shooter Far Cry 3.

EGXAssassin's Creed 3 playable at Eurogamer Expo

Ubisoft announces line-up for September show, also including Just Dance 4.

With E3 finally out of the way, we're getting the point where we can start to announce some of the games and developers who will be making their way to this year's epic, four-day Eurogamer Expo, taking place at Earls Court from 27th-30th September 2012.

FeatureActual New Games of 2012: The Half-Time Verdict

We pass judgement on the candidates from January and add a few to the list.

Back at the start of January, we wrote of our hope that 2012 would bring us more Actual New Games. As much as we like stuff like Diablo 3 (when we can play it), we also want games that "invent new styles and genres", as I said at the time.

Far Cry 3 Preview: The Social Philosophy of Shark Punching

FeatureFar Cry 3 Preview: The Social Philosophy of Shark Punching

Ubisoft's bonkers sequel tears up the map.

You probably think you've got a pretty good handle on what to expect from the third entry in Ubisoft's Far Cry series. A lush jungle paradise to sneak around in, a rag-tag army of dangerous thugs to dispatch, some grounded, gritty dialogue to wrap your ears around - that all sounds about right.

But how about fourth-wall smashing psychotropia, Nietzchean commentary on the gamification of generation Y and a caustic dissection of the very fabric of the video game medium? Plus, a side-order of shark punching. No? Well, it's time to realign your expectations. If Ubisoft stays true to its word, it's about to deliver one of the oddest, most idiosyncratic AAA blockbusters of the current console generation.

The new demo on display at E3 this week offers a whole new angle on the title, following the relatively straight-laced scene-setting introduction we were offered this time last year. Whereas back then out-of-his-depth island castaway Jason was doing his utmost to escape the clutches of mohawked psychopath Vaas, now the tables have turned and he's on the offensive, attempting to flush the villain out of his shanty town meets circus high-top jungle hideout.

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Far Cry 3: Insane Edition revealed with new trailer

Far Cry 3: Insane Edition revealed with new trailer

Includes exclusive one hour single-player mission.

Ubisoft has revealed the Far Cry 3: Insane Edition with a new trailer.

It comes with all the digital content for the game, including Monkey Business (an exclusive one hour single-player mission) and extra single-player and multiplayer content (three packs: the Hunter Pack, Predator Pack and Warrior Pack, and the two bonus missions that come with the already announced Lost Expeditions single-player content).

On top of that you get an essential island survival guide, exclusive survival kit packaging and the insane Vaas Wahine bobblehead.

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Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta announced

Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta announced

Two week testing period on consoles this Summer.

Far Cry 3's multiplayer modes get a beta dry run on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this Summer, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

It will run for two weeks, offering 16-player matches, six classes, and multiple maps and modes. Sorry PC gamers, it appears you're sitting this one out.

Full details of how you can grab an invitation have not yet been announced, however, US gamers can guarantee their inclusion by picking up Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from GameStop on 22nd May.

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Far Cry 3 Preview: Trouble in Paradise

FeatureFar Cry 3 Preview: Trouble in Paradise

Does Far Cry's multiplayer sink or swim?

It always pans out the same way. You turn up a bit late and slightly sweaty, because in East London every street looks the bloody same. You then get shown a Powerpoint presentation extolling the virtues of 'Big Shooter Next' multiplayer, and soon after you and your fellow journalists are herded next door where sixteen glowing screens are humming in darkness waiting for you.

It's great, not least because you often get free posh sandwiches, but because it's a perfect way to judge a multiplayer game's potential. Online gaming is about shared enjoyment - so when you hear the gasps, the shouts, the swearing and have someone level an accusatory finger at you then call you an arsehole, you know a game has potential.

Far Cry 3 is going all out to encourage those yelps. Everything about it is being built to encourage teamplay - to keep your side fighting the good fight together. For example, myself and my cohorts were at one stage approaching a Domination point - a lonely spot caught halfway between a wrecked submarine that sits in a murky green dock and the dark interior of a network of jungle caves.

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Far Cry 3 release date revealed by leaked trailer

The Far Cry 3 release date has been revealed by a leaked trailer.

Website AllGamesBeta published the trailer under the headline: "Far Cry 3 Cinematic Trailer Leaked."

The German trailer, purely CGI, shows a group of happy-go-lucky adventurers frolicking on a far-away island. They drink and laugh with hardly a care in the world. Then something nasty happens. Bad people swear, and guns are fired.

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FeatureFar Cry 3

No man’s an island.

Actual new game announcements were thin on the ground at E3 this year. These days it's only Nintendo that routinely shows up with substantial headlines to make - and Ubisoft. Thank heavens for the French publisher's theatrical side, which ensures that its dependably daft press conference is always a highlight of the week. Whilst 2011's showing was noticeably less barmy than last year's, it did include the genuine debut of a long-anticipated blockbuster shooter: Far Cry 3.

Ancel attacks gratuitous FPS violence

Devs should take inspiration from movies.

As it has done for the past few years, the FPS genre dominated E3 this month. However, as exemplified by the likes of Brothers In Arms: Furious 4, Far Cry 3, Rage and Modern Warfare 3, the class of 2011 seemed to boast a particularly brutal streak.

Ubisoft announces Far Cry 3

Ubisoft announces Far Cry 3

Back to a tropical island.

Far Cry 3 will take the series out of Africa and back to a tropical island, Ubisoft has announced.

The game will be developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 by Ubisoft Montreal with help from Ubisoft Shanghai and Massive Entertainment. A release is pencilled for 2012.

In Far Cry 3, gamers are Jason Brody, "a man alone at the edge of the world". He's stranded on a "mysterious" tropical island; a "savage paradise where lawlessness and violence are the only sure thing".

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Ubisoft writer confirms Far Cry 3

Ubisoft writer confirms Far Cry 3

It's the naughty corner for this man.

An Ubisoft scriptwriter has confirmed to the UK's Official PlayStation magazine that Far Cry 3 is in development.

Kevin Shortt, speaking at an Avatar press event, was asked by the mag if he was working on a sequel to last year's sandbox shooter, (as reported by CVG).

"No I'm not," he said. "But I know the team are and what I've seen looks pretty exciting."

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