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Far Cry 3 outpost reset, master difficulty coming

"Your skills as a master of the Rook Islands will be tested."

Ubisoft has revealed some of the new features and changes it will make to open world shooter Far Cry 3.

Included is the ability to reset outposts and the addition of a master difficulty setting.

The outpost reset option will be welcomed by those who have taken over all of the game's outposts, rendering them and nearby areas safe. "Reset Options" will be available in the gameplay options menu once you've conquered all the outposts and completed the game. Selecting it will reset them and make them hostile. All incomplete side missions and quests will become hidden. In order to finish the incomplete side missions you have to retake the outpost again.

Meanwhile, an upcoming patch will add the master difficulty setting. This makes the wildlife more aggressive, the pirates tougher and the privateers more deadly. "Your skills as a master of the Rook Islands will be tested," Ubisoft said in a post on its forum.

Additionally, on the multiplayer side, map makers will benefit from an expanded feedback system on user-created maps and improvements to beta map testing and spectating. You'll also be able to find other maps by the same author.

There's more on the Ubisoft forum. There's no word on when these patches will be released.

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