Dishonored Videos

Digital Foundry | Dishonored Xbox 360 vs. PC Face-Off Video

A maxed-out PC version of Dishonored head-to-head with the Xbox 360 game in this 720p video.

Digital Foundry | Dishonored PC vs. PlayStation 3 Face-Off Video

Top-spec PC image quality settings up against the PS3 game in this 720p comparison video.

Digital Foundry | Dishonored Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 Face-Off Video

From a visual perspective, image quality differences are few and far between in this Unreal Engine-powered epic.

Digital Foundry | Dishonored DFPC Performance Video

Variable frame-rates at 768p and 1080p as our 300 gaming PC takes on Dishonored.

Digital Foundry | Dishonored Cut-Scene and Traversal Performance Video

PlayStation 3 has more obvious levels of screen-tear compared to its Xbox 360 counterpart, but overall performance is fairly close.

Digital Foundry | Dishonored Gameplay Performance Video

Xbox 360 commands a small performance advantage over the PlayStation 3 game in this analysis.

Video | Fresh Dishonored footage gets ratty

Steampunk shooter shown off in new detail.

Video | Stunning Dishonored cinematic trailer

Take a tour of Arkane and Bethesda's new steampunk world.