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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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QuakeCon 2014 sale begins with Dishonored for £6.79

A real Corvo-sation starter.

QuakeCon 2014 is under way in Texas and there's a Bethesda game sale running on Steam and (partly) Xbox Live to celebrate.

Steam, and PC gaming, are where the biggest savings can be made.

Today's deal is the Game of the Year Edition of Dishonored for £6.79 - a saving of 66 per cent. It's the best-selling Steam game of the moment, displacing Divinity: Original Sin.

That's worthy of a tweak of Dicky's face wart.

Dishonored was one of our games of 2012: "It wasn't just about being a murderous avenger or a silent protector," reflected Tom Bramwell at the end of the year, "it was about being a ghost, a superhero, an amateur historian, and much more besides."

Tomorrow it's the new Wolfenstein game, and Doom games, on sale. On Saturday it's Fallout prices under the knife, and on Sunday, The Elder Scrolls.

A constant deal lasting the QuakeCon duration is the £76 QuakeCon Bundle 2014. It's a high price to pay but there's a lot stuffed in, including Skyrim, the new Wolfenstein and MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. Apparently you save £85.

The Elder Scrolls Online, alone, is half-price at £25 - and the fancy Imperial Edition is down from £70 to £42.

On Xbox Live the sale includes only Wolfenstein: The New Order, discounted on Xbox One to £33.59. You can get it a few pounds cheaper on Amazon, but generally that's competitive boxed-game-seller prices.