Darksiders 2 Videos

Digital Foundry | Darksiders 2: DFPC 768p vs. 1080p at Max Settings Video

On our 300 dual core/Radeon HD 6770 gaming PC, Darksiders 2 ran very well indeed at 768p but suffered at full HD.

Digital Foundry | Darksiders 2 Gameplay Performance Video

Not much at all to separate the two console platforms across the run of play.

Digital Foundry | Darksiders 2 Cut-Scene Performance Video

Like-for-like engine-driven visuals tested on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Digital Foundry | Darksiders 2: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off Video

Excellent work from the development team in matching the two console SKUs.

Digital Foundry | Darksiders 2: PS3 vs. PC Face-Off Video

THQ give us a cut and dried example of a basic console port.

Digital Foundry | Darksiders 2: Xbox 360 vs. PC Face-Off Video

PC power up against Microsoft console - and there's really not a lot in it.

Video | Death stars in Darksiders 2 cinematic trailer

Apocalyptic hack-and-slash due in June.

Video | Fresh Darksiders 2 footage lands

Vigil reveals new in-game action.

Video | Darksiders II trailer ignites for E3

Skulls and swords fantasy out 2012.