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Darksiders 2 post-game content detailed

THQ throws players a bone.

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Image credit: Eurogamer
Arena Survival Mode in action.

Skeletal hack-and-slash Darksiders 2 will offer a number of modes to keep players interested after completing the main campaign.

Arena Survival Mode allows players to face waves of enemies in bursts of five. After every fifth wave players can choose to give up for a reward, or return for another bout, and a chance of greater riches later on.

It's a gamble, however. Those who fall in combat will leave with nothing.

Darksiders 2 also offers a New Game+ mode, which allows players to import their own version of Death into a fresh crack at the campaign, skills and equipment intact.

"The Arena Challenge Mode and the New Game+ function are the perfect way to continue building the ultimate Death even after finishing the main game," THQ's VP Global Brand Marketing Jim Huntley said. "This upgraded and customised character can then be carried over into the upcoming DLC campaign missions."

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