Dark Souls Videos

EG20Watch us play 21 games from the last 20 years

Late to the (birthday) Party.

Digital FoundryDark Souls: DFPC 768p vs 1080p Performance Video

The vanilla Dark Souls up against the modified version set to 1080p running on our Ł300 games PC.

Digital FoundryDark Souls: DFPC vs. Xbox 360 Performance Video

Can PC power resolve the frame-rate issues of the console versions of Dark Souls?

Digital FoundryDark Souls: Xbox 360 vs. PC Face-Off Video

It's true - out of the box, the PC version runs at a fixed 1024x720 resolution, just like the Xbox 360 game.

Digital FoundryDark Souls: Xbox 360 vs. PC (Mod) Face-Off Video

Console versus computer on one of the year's most controversial PC releases. Here we see the PC version running at 1080p super-sampled down to 720p using the resolution mod.

VideoDark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition trailer

Artorias of the Abyss DLC also coming to PS3, Xbox 360.

VideoDark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition PC trailer

Brand new boss fights glimpsed.

Digital FoundryDark Souls PS3/360 Face-Off Video

As close to like-for-like as you can get.

Digital FoundryDark Souls PS3/360 Performance Analysis #2 Video

A second look at the PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

Digital FoundryDark Souls PS3/360 Performance Analysis #1 Video

The first of two videos looking at From Software's classic.

VideoMonstrous new Dark Souls footage

Hardcore role-player out next week.

VideoDark Souls, Armoured Core 5 dev diary

New From Software developer diary.

VideoDark Souls creepy prologue teased

Survival RPG for 7th October launch.

VideoDark Souls trailer prepares to die

Shadowy survival RPG out in October.

VideoNew Dark Souls footage slices in

Giants, skeletons and lots of teeth.

VideoLatest Dark Souls footage soars in

An atmospheric dragon-filled E3 trailer.

VideoBrutal new Dark Souls trailer released

Namco action RPG launches this October.

VideoDark Souls gets official announcement

First footage of the fantasy fighter.