Dark Souls Features

FeatureTough Love: On Dark Souls' Difficulty

An extract from You Died: The Dark Souls Companion

FeatureAn ode to video game doors

Walking you through the doors of Doom, Dark Souls and more.

FeatureI came to Dark Souls so late that it's basically like going to Disneyland

How time and fame have made Lordran even more intriguing.

FeatureDemon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors

Jeffrey revisits Boletaria and finds much has changed.

FeatureBecoming the Dark Soul

From the archive: Rich Stanton goes in pursuit of the game's crowning achievement.

Digital FoundryTech Comparison: Dark Souls PC

Prepare to dial up the resolution.

FeatureDark Souls PC Preview: The Devil's Bargain

From Software brings its dark fantasy RPG to PC - with some unexpected strings attached.

FeatureLost Humanity 1: Fighting Talk

Robert Florence's new weekly Eurogamer column.

FeatureTelling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

From the archive: When the mountain won't come to Muhammad.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Horrible Bosses

Are gaming's greatest villains an endangered species?

FeatureDark Souls

Into the heart of darkness.

FeatureDark Souls

A knight to dismember.

FeatureDark Souls

Hardcore spawn.