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From Software is streaming 15 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay tomorrow

Ahead of next week's closed network test.

If you're hungering for more news on Elden Ring, From Software's next foray into Soulsian adventure, you're in luck; the developer is showcasing 15 minutes of gameplay footage in a newly announced livestream tomorrow, 4th November.

From hasn't shared details on exactly what it plans to show (although it's entirely possible the developer may choose to focus on some of the Elden Ring action players will be able to experience in next week's closed network test), but proceedings get underway at 2pm GMT/7am PDT tomorrow, on both YouTube and Twitch.

This latest showcase will be the first time From Software has offered a glimpse of its hugely anticipated title since August, when Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson was given a 17-minute behind-closed-doors tour of its vast, interconnected world.

Cover image for YouTube videoWe've Seen 17 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay - Here's our Breakdown of Every Little Detail

This time around From is transplanting its beloved Soulsborne formula into the Lands Between, a forbidding realm that's more open-ended in structure, encouraging players to explore its vast expanses, smaller points of interest, and colossal Legacy Dungeons - which are more akin to what you find might find in previous Dark Souls games. Players can also ride a horse!

Elden Ring is currently due to release for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on 25th February next year, following a recently announced one-month delay. Players wishing to participate in next week's closed network test will need to sign up on publisher Namco Bandai's website.