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Free Horde Mode added to Doom Eternal today in 6.66 update


Doom Eternal's Horde Mode is now available in the new free Update 6.66.

The arcade-style mode has players defeating waves of demons to unlock new weapons and challenges, competing online through seasonal leaderboards.

Completing all the encounters and puzzles unlocks over seven new skins, including the Doom 2 Slayer and the Biker Slayer.

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A tonne of other content has also been added.

The 2v1 competitive Battlemode has been refined. The mode has two player-controlled demons teaming up against a fully equipped Doom slayer; now there's a streak based ranking system, leaderboards, a new arena named Stronghold, and a Dread Knight playable demon.

There are also two new master levels: Mars Core and The World Spear. In these players take on remixed demon encounters in a new combat experience.

It's the biggest free update for the game yet, also including balance updates, and new rewards and cosmetics.

A PvP Invasions Mode was originally planned as new content, but due to the pandemic id Software ditched it for this new horde mode instead.

Update 6.66 is available today across PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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