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Free Dead Space 2 DLC revealed

Multiplayer maps going out on a limb.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Dead Space 2's multiplayer mode is getting an expansion, and it's coming for free.

New add-on Outbreak contains two more maps. They're themed around areas from the limb-severing main game.

The pack lands 31st May on Xbox 360 and 3rd June on PlayStation 3.

The Academy returns to The Sprawl's eerie playschool area. Players must work together to activate a decontamination system and escape.

The Concourse contains the space station's mall section, where there's more Necromorphs to negotiate as well as a distress signal to send.

Visceral Games' deep-space survival horror launched in January and sliced off a fleshy 9/10 in Eurogamer's Dead Space 2 review.

Take a peek at the new maps below:

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