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Fortnite Among Us crossover detailed

Still sus.

Fortnite and Among Us are cosying up together in a new collaboration, which will see themed items appear in Epic's ever-popular battle royale.

This includes an Among Us Crewmate (with 10 colours to choose from) that reacts to your gameplay, and a Distraction Dance emote.

These items can be claimed free from the Epic Games Store with any purchase of Among Us in-game currency (or the game itself) from now until 9th June 2023 - a year from today.

Eurogamer plays Among Us with help from a few friends.

Alternatively, they will also be made available to buy via Fortnite's Item Shop at some point in the near future.

This collaboration marks another step on the road to recovery for relations between Epic Games and Among Us developer Innersloth, following the fallout from Fortnite launching its own Among Us mode back in August 2021.

At the time, Innersloth revealed it had been "actively trying" to work with Epic Games on a collaboration, and team members took to Twitter to express their surprise and disappointment at seeing Fortnite's Imposters suddenly launch.

Fast forward to a few months later, and in October last year the two companies appeared to have made up. Epic officially acknowledged its Imposters mode was "inspired" by Among Us, and the two exchanged some Twitter brandter teasing a future collaboration in the works. And here we are.

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