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For Honor Season Four update adds two new heroes

The Aramusha and the Shaman.

For Honor Season Four starts on 14th November and it adds two new heroes to Ubisoft's multiplayer-focused melee combat game.

The Order & Havoc update adds the Aramusha, a ronin-like Hybrid for the Samurai faction, and the Shaman, a lightning-fast Assassin for the Vikings.

The Aramusha is inspired by historical samurai Miyamoto Musashi, Ubisoft said, and wields dual katanas.

The Shaman looks similar to the Berserker but can stalk opponents and strike quickly for massive damage with a hatchet and a dagger.

Both characters are available immediately to season pass holders on 14th November, while other players can unlock them for 15,000 Steel (the in-game currency) each starting 21st November.

The update also adds two new maps and two new modes. The two new maps are Gauntlet and Market Town, and will be available free to all players on 14th November.

Tribute is a new 4v4 multiplayer mode where you try to claim three Offerings and bring them to a Shrine. Each Shrine grants a different buff, which affects the entire team.

Meanwhile, new gear is inbound as well as the ability to equip up to four executions. Ranked Dominion mode arrives later in Season Four.

And finally, For Honor gets a free weekend from 9th to 12th November, so you can try the game out ahead of Season Four.