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For Honor gets a big new update and an impressive training mode

Wax on...

For Honor gets an impressive-looking training mode later today.

As someone who put a lot of time into Ubisoft's unique multiplayer-focused melee combat game at launch but drifted away a few months later, this new training mode is welcome. I can also see it being pretty useful for newcomers because For Honor has quite a lot of hero characters to contend with and plenty of mechanics that govern the combat to wrap your head around.

The new tutorial includes basic apprentice training and more advanced warrior training, which come complete with their own set of rewards. Usefully, the training includes timing feedback for opponent moves, which should help you master execution. There's also a media section, where you can watch tutorial videos.

"Since launch, we kept a close eye on the onboarding experience," reads a post on the For Honor website.

"Due to the unique nature of the Art of Battle and its depth, we wanted to make our onboarding tutorials more fun, deeper, and more accessible, an easier way to practice the basic and advanced mechanics that contribute to the complexity of the Art of Battle."

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What's best about the new training mode, though, is the arena. Here, you can choose any hero and adjust the game settings to play whichever way you want. You can modify health, stamina and revenge, customise the AI enemies to practice new moves and prepare for specific scenarios.

This arena goes into a lot of depth. The right-hand corner of the screen displays move information, such as the type of move, the damage causes and the stamina drained for both the attacker and the defender. It looks like a pretty decent effort!

The new training mode, which was developed in the UK by Hove-based Studio Gobo, arrives as part of a big new update for For Honor. Check out the patch notes on the official website.