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First gameplay footage of Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles REvealed

UPDATE: Will add randomised enemy and item placement.

Update: The console and PC versions of Resident Evil: Revelations will contain randomised enemy and item placement, a new addition to this HD upgrade.

This revelation was made by Capcom marketing man Mike Lunn during a campaign walkthrough at Gamespot (as pointed out by commenter -cerberus-). "One of the things we've really done to make the game a little bit more scarier the more times you play through it is by randomising the position of enemies and items and all that good stuff, so whenever I walk around this corner next time there could be a guy there. You'll never know," he said while fending off that dastardly tit monster (below).

Rachel's life really went tits up once the ooze got a hold of her.

Original story: The first gameplay footage of the HD console port of Resident Evil: Revelations has been released. It shows fan-favourite badass Hunk as he tears apart fleshy abominations called "the ooze" in Raid Mode.

For the uninitiated, Raid Mode is a score-attack spin on the Resi formula where players fight through hordes of the undead in isolated challenge maps where they're graded on performance and earn points that can be used to purchase new gear. Enemies are also remixed with silly buffs that make them tiny, giant, swift, or extra durable. These missions can also be tackled in co-op.

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Our Rich Stanton called it the highlight of the game in his Resident Evil: Revelations review. "The single-player isn't quite the survival horror comeback Capcom promised but, with its brilliant take on score attack, Raid mode ensures Revelations delivers at least once on its title," he wrote.

I'm inclined to agree and the dual-analogue controls - where you can move and shoot at the same time - look fantastic and much more precise than the fiddly analogue nubs on the 3DS. It doesn't look too shabby either, given its humble handheld origins, though there's no mistaking it for a triple A console release.

Resident Evil: Revelations is due on 24th May in Europe and 21st May in North America on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

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