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First DLC for Killzone 2 announced

Two new multiplayer maps on the way.

Sony has announced the first downloadable content for Killzone 2 is coming later this month.

The Steel & Titanium Pack will include two brand new maps for online multiplayer fun.

First up is the Wasteland Bullet map, where the action takes place on the bullet train linking Pyrrhus and the Wasteland. You have to wrestle control of the train from the enemy as it hurtles along the track at full speed. Overhead obstacles are likely to prove a particular problem as they can cause instant death.

Then there's the Vekta Cruiser map. ISA troops aboard a huge ship have to repel a force of Helghast troops, and protect the cruiser from Helghan fire. The action all takes place indoors and is said to be "hauntingly claustrophobic", with danger lurking around every corner.

It's not known how much, or indeed whether, you'll have to pay for the maps. But Sony has confirmed the Steel & Titanium Pack will be released via PlayStation Network on 30th April.