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Finally, the Carmines are in Gears 5


The Carmines are finally in Gears 5.

Anthony, Benjamin and Gary Carmine are playable characters in Gears 5's Versus multiplayer only for now.

This marks a significant change compared to the release of other characters in the game. Up to this point, new COGs were released in Versus multiplayer and PvE modes Horde and Escape at the same time.

"We have a broader PVE plan coming that will allow you to take these - and all COG - characters into Horde or Escape," The Coalition said in a blog post.

Gears 5 fans have wanted to play as a Carmine brother since the game came out in 2019.

If you're unfamiliar, fan-favourite Carmine first popped up in the first Gears of War game in 2006. Private Anthony Carmine became an instant hit after he was unceremoniously killed off during the opening phase of the Lightmass Offensive. Since then the Carmine brothers have become a kind of Gears in-joke for their hapless near-death - and death - experiences, and the developers have had fun with it, too.

At this point, only one Carmine brother is confirmed to have survived: Chief Sergeant Clayton "Clay" Carmine is the eldest brother in the Carmine family and actually appears in the superb Gears 5 campaign. But he's not in multiplayer. That is, you can't play as him. The trailer for the Carmine's introduction into Gears 5 references this in-joke, and shows the hapless brothers shot to bits over and over again.

Cover image for YouTube videoGears 5 - Operation 3 Carmine Release Trailer

The Carmine family tree is quite involved, as we reported back in December 2019.

Each Carmine character can be earned through gameplay by crafting their Totem, equipping it, and earning 30,000 XP. You can also buy each Carmine for 500 Iron, as with all other characters.