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Final Fantasy Type-0 information

Summons, air ships, towns.

Japanese magazine Jump has spilled details on Final Fantasy Type-0 – the PlayStation Portable game that was once Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

According to an Andriasang report, Jump reveals two new characters: King and Sice. King uses dual guns. "He looks cold, but he's actually kind," says the magazine.

Sice uses a scythe as a weapon. "She's not good with words, but has good judgement." As you do.

Final Fantasy games are, of course, known for their summons. Type-0 is no different. Series veteran Ifrit returns alongside Golem. Jump reveals Odin.

The magazine shows screens of the player moving about on an expansive world map. There's an air ship – as in so many Final Fantasy games – dungeons and towns. When you return to a town, you can get information from people and buy things, the magazine says.

Despite the fact 13 has been dropped from the game's title, the core Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology remains.

Apparently all titles in the Fabula series are free to interpret and use the base mythology of the series as they please. So, we'll see areas that differ from the divisive Final Fantasy XIII.

Type-0 is so big it will ship on two UMDs – the first PSP game to do so.

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