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Final Fantasy 16's Eikon summons likened to nuclear weapons

And Mother Crystal lands like oil-rich countries.

Final Fantasy 16's story will feature Eikon summons and a Mother Crystal, which producer Naoki Yoshida has likened to nuclear weapons and oil-rich countries.

The news comes from a Famitsu interview, translated by streamer and Final Fantasy fan Aitai Kimochi.

If you want to avoid story spoilers, click away now.

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In the interview, Yoshida gives more details about the role of the Mother Crystal.

"The various countries within the world of Valisthea were built under the Mother Crystal. In modern day terms, it's basically the equivalent of a land that is abundant with oil. The aether flows out from the Mother Crystals, and that is where the countries are formed. From there, based on the rules of each land, the Eikons form within a Dominant, and this has continued on for generations. The Eikons are used in a similar way to modern day nuclear weapons.

"However, the aether from the Mother Crystal has been drying up, and this in turn has caused the lands to rage war against each other to claim more of the aether for themselves. It is at that time when a clash of Eikons that was once previously forbidden happens...and that becomes the basis for this story."

Yoshida also goes into further detail about the importance of the Eikons and how each country treats its Dominant and Eikon.

"Our protagonist Clive is from the Kingdom of Rosaria, where the Phoenix Dominant is born each generation into the line of the Grand Duke. Phoenix serves as the God and protector of the land. However, Phoenix does not always necessarily reside in the Grand Duke themselves, and the story shows how instead of Clive inheriting the Phoenix, his younger brother Joshua inherits the Eikon instead. This in turn causes Clive to feel a bit inferior.

"On the other hand, in the neighbouring lands of the Iron Kingdom, Eikons and Dominants are considered tainted and are completely subjugated to be used solely as a weapon of mass destruction. In the Dhalmekia Republic, where Hugo is from, the Dominant for Titan serves as the Chief Military Advisor for the Council and wields great influence in their strategies."

He concludes: "The rule of the land is there should only be one Eikon that represents a single element. However, even though Phoenix should be the only Eikon of Fire, there is another...and that serves as a starting point for the story."

It seems that's where Ifrit, seen in the trailer, will come in.

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Speaking to Gamespot, Yoshida noted that Final Fantasy 16 will have a more mature story than previous games, hence the higher age rating. That also relates to the plot's central themes.

"One of the main themes explored in Final Fantasy 16's narrative deals with the inevitable clash of values and ideals when you get multiple different people with different ideals in the same room; what is truly right and what is truly wrong?" Yoshida said.

"Again, because we focus so much on their Dominants, and they have such a large part in this story, you're going to see how they think the world should be and what they think is right for the world. You're going to focus on those motivations and those struggles, and then, you're going to delve even deeper and into darker themes when it comes to how people should live; should people live the life that was chosen for them or fight to break free from that kind of destiny?"

Final Fantasy 16 will feature an action-based combat system and won't have an open world.