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Final Fantasy 14's Patch 7.0 notes reveal what to expect from Dawntrail ahead of early access launch

New quests! Graphical update! Llamas!

Viper Job from Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail trailer
Image credit: Square Enix

Square Enix has released the full patch notes for Patch 7.0, ahead of Dawntrail's early access launch later this week.

The notes give a rundown of what additions and tweaks players can expect from the new expansion. Much of this includes known and expected changes like level cap increases and new quests, on top of a look at new locations and duties. If you're avoiding spoilers, you may want to skip the notes.

However, there are also some smaller but welcome additions worth pointing out, as well as a stark look at the visual changes the graphical update will bring.

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Firstly, though, it should be pointed out Final Fantasy 14 will be unavailable to access from 26th - 27th June as maintenance is performed across all Worlds in preparation for Dawntrail. These patch notes explain what will be implemented.

As already widely reported since the announcement at Las Vegas Fan Fest, Patch 7.0 will introduce a graphical update that's been applied for all Dawntrail content, with similar updates coming to older content in future updates. The update includes improved textures and lighting, as well as other more subtle effects and changes.

In the patch notes, a couple of slider images indicate the improved textures - it looks like wearing glasses after having blurry vision. The aim of this update is to futureproof the game for years to come.

To ensure players are happy with the graphical changes to their characters, everyone will receive a free Fantasia item with which to edit their character. Now, though, players will have up to 60 minutes of in-game time in which to re-edit their character should they change their minds once seeing their character in action.

Further, the patch will introduce new hairstyles, the ability to add two colours when dying gear, and a separate option for facewear - so now you can wear glasses and a helmet together.

Two other tweaks are very welcome. The first, as previously mentioned in the Live Letter from the Producer but worth reiterating, is that other players around a quest giver can be temporarily hidden - a major tweak considering the high number of players expected for Dawntrail's launch.

Secondly, quest objectives that require following an NPC now have visual indicators to help avoid detection. Endwalker introduced a number of these stealth missions, but they sometimes proved frustrating.

Other small tweaks include: the ability to use a DualSense Edge controller on Windows; trophies and achievements unlocking from play on other platforms; and the addition of the mute list and term filter for better safety.

And, very importantly, there is now a new adorable llama mount.

Lastly, the notes reiterate measures temporarily implemented to reduce server congestion: restricting travel between certain Worlds and data centres; automatic logout after 30 minutes of inactivity; and new areas being split into multiple instances.

Dawntrail releases in early access this Friday, 28th June, with the full launch arriving on 2nd July. This was pushed back a week due to the release of Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree.

I played a preview version of Dawntrail last month and described it as Final Fantasy 14 "at its most colourful".

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