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FFXIII Versus "on hold", says Nomura

Spin-off not currently top priority.

Work on the action-themed spin-off for Final Fantasy XIII has temporarily ceased.

According to Famitsu (as reported by Forever Fantasy), game director Tetsuya Nomura said Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been put "on hold".

This is because "the entire Versus team is helping to finish Final Fantasy XIII", which is said to be the "number one priority". Still no release date in sight.

As Nomura told us last year, Versus is set in the present day and is said to be darker than traditional FF games. It'll also have more in common with third-person shooters than menu-driven RPGs. For more info, read the full interview.

Update, 1.44pm: Square Enix has responded and denied that Versus XIII is on hold after all.