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Far Cry 4 gameplay footage shows co-op, grapple hook, kicking

Invite your PSN friends to play even if they don't own the game!

Watch the first five minutes of Far Cry 4 here.

A brand new Far Cry 4 gameplay trailer has revealed the game's co-op mode, the grappling hook tool, the ability to kick and shown those stomping elephants in action.

And best of all, you can invite your PSN friends to join you playing the game even if they don't own it, Ubisoft said on Sony's E3 stage. This is a PlayStation-only feature (for PS3 and PS4).

The co-op mode begins dynamically when a friend joins your game. But when they join, all solo missions are turned off and you're left with only the open world.

Still, hopping on the back of a tiny buzzer helicopter - effectively a one-man vehicle - and raining down bullets on a base looked like fun. This also enraged the nearby elephants, which charged into and wrecked anything in site - something you can also experience while riding them, apparently.

The footage also revealed the ability to drive and shoot at the same time, as well as leap from the driver's seat (of a tuk-tuk in this case) and onto - and then into - another vehicle.

We also saw a return of the wingsuit, which is put to even better use in the mountains, and saw how - for the first time in a Far Cry game - you will be able to be attacked from above by eagles.

We saw the new auto crossbow weapon as well, which trades distance for rapid fire. It was in this section that the kick ability was demonstrated, as a bomb was strapped to a barrel and hoofed at an enemy.

Far Cry 4 follows the story of Ajay Ghale, a boy who went to scatter his mother's ashes but got caught up in a civil war. Apparently Troy Baker - Booker from BioShock: Infinite and Joel from The Last of Us - will voice the game's murderous villain Pagan Min.

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