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Fan attempts to pre-order Fallout 4 with bottle caps

UPDATE: Bethesda honours the request.

UPDATE 25/06/2015 5.49pm: Bethesda has accepted Seth's bottle caps as legal tender to pre-order Fallout 4, but only because he was the first to do this. So don't go out getting smashed and sending Bethesda your caps in hopes of attaining its highly anticipated sequel.

Seth stated in a new Imgur post that Bethesda's Matt Grandstaff got back to him about this unusual request. "He told me since I was the first person to do this, I would be receiving a copy of the game this November," he explained.

"For being first, he deserves the recognition," Grandstaff added on Twitter.

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' to everyone who helped in making this happen," Seth added. "People were simultaneously worried about my rate of drinking (I'm fine, thanks), and were also disappointed in my lack of drinking (I'm fine, thanks). Someone on Imgur even offered to gift me a copy of the game if I didn't get one. So thanks again everyone!"

When asked which edition of the game he'd receive, Seth noted in a comment "They said a copy of the game or Steam-key if I preferred."

ORIGINAL STORY 17/06/2015 5.23pm: Someone has attempted to pre-order Fallout 4 by sending developer Bethesda over 2000 actual bottle caps, the series' in-game currency.

"Fallout 3 was my favourite game for several years, so I made the rational choice to start saving up bottle caps," said superfan Seth, aka GatorMacheteJr on Imgur. "Turns out 4.5 years of undergrad and three years in a Master's program leads to a lot of drinking. It ended up being 11.2 pounds of bottle caps. You don't want to know how much it cost to ship it to Maryland."

Seth then included the following note:

The tl;dr version is that he spent 7.5 years saving up what amounted to an estimated 2240 bottle caps. "I went ahead and sent everything I've been able to save since I played Fallout 3 for the first time," he said of this booty.

"I'm hoping if this post gets popular enough their PR department will be too nervous to turn me down," Seth added on Imgur.

We've sent Bethesda a request for comment on this and will update should the developer say yay or nay to Seth's unusual pre-order request.

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