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Fallout 4's Survival Mode is coming to Steam beta next week

Get down with the sickness.

Fallout 4's long-awaited extra hard Survival Mode will launch on Steam beta next week, developer Bethesda teased on Twitter.

"Once it's out of PC beta it'll go to Steam release and we can submit for consoles," tweeted Bethesda vice president of marketing and PR Pete Hines.

We previously argued that Fallout 4 could do with a proper Hardcore Mode and this update should deliver.

As we discovered last month, Fallout 4's Survival Mode makes it so the only way to save your progress is to sleep in a bed - something you can't do if there's danger lurking nearby. You also won't be able to fast-travel, ammo will have its own weight system, enemies won't appear on your radar, and you'll take more damage in combat.

There will also be a "wellness" mechanic, forcing players to stay hydrated, fed and rested to remain combat-ready. Should they grow fatigued, their Action Point meter won't refill as high, much as radiation limits your HP until cured.

Oh, and Survival Mode will also let you get sick should you eat uncooked meat, drink unpurified water, or get infected by ghouls or bugs. You'll have to craft antibiotics as a cure.

Good luck!

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