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Fallout 4's £100 Pip-Boy Edition includes an actual Pip-Boy

UPDATE: GAME online pre-orders finally go online.

UPDATE 3rd July 13.55: After this morning's kerfuffle, you can now put your name down for a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition at GAME.co.uk.

You'll need to fork out £20 for a deposit. This is new stock and it won't last long.

UPDATE 3rd July: GAME has missed its own 9am target for selling new stock of the in-demand Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition this morning.

Expectant customers flooded GAME's website this morning in the hope of nabbing a copy of the Pip-Boy Edition, which includes an actual wearable Pip-Boy.

But they found the ability to put down £20 to secure a pre-order was not available - despite GAME saying yesterday online pre-orders would go live at 9am.

Somewhat bizarrely, GAME says you need to use a desktop PC to get a Pip-Boy Edition from GAME.co.uk, for some reason. This hasn't gone down well with some who were expecting to use a smartphone or tablet at work.

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is exclusive to GAME in the UK. In-shop pre-orders are currently available - but require a £40 deposit.

UPDATE 2ND JULY: GAME emailed confirming the "limited amount of new stock" for tomorrow. The retailer also said deposits will be needed to pre-order: £20 if pre-ordering online, £40 in store.

"Excitement was sky high when the game was announced at E3 and we've seen a record number of pre-orders already," commented Charlotte Knight, GAME UK retail MD. "It's great that we can now give those who missed out originally another chance to secure a copy, but stock is limited so we encourage gamers to act fast."

UPDATE 1ST JULY: The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition will be back in stock at GAME this coming Friday, 3rd July.

It will be available to pre-order in store and online from 9am UK time. First come, first served.

UPDATE 16TH JUNE: The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is exclusive to GAME in the UK.

The £99.99 package includes a wearable Pip-Boy replica, among other gubbins.

ORIGINAL STORY 15/06/2015: Fallout 4's fancy pants Pip-Boy Edition includes an actual Pip-Boy.

For every discerning vault dweller.

The £100 collection includes a Pip-Boy replica, stand and capsule case.

The wearable Pip-Boy has been designed to replicate the in-game model, and comes with a RobCo Industries stand, custom-printed capsule, adjustable foam cuff, and rotating knobs and lights.

You can slip your smartphone inside the Pip-Boy and, when used in conjunction with the Pip-Boy mobile app, manage your in-game inventory, perks and holotapes as if you're, well, an actual vault dweller.

Meanwhile, the Pip-Boy Edition includes a physical Pip-Boy Pocket Guide, which features illustrations and tips. There's also a Vault-Tec Perk poster. Oh, and you get the game inside Power Armour Collectible metal packaging.

Go nuts.

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